The Inheritance

What would you do if you inherited a gift of ultimate power and you were unaware of it? For his eighteenth birthday, Charlie inherits more than one gift. One of them is the ability to read minds and control people. He goes through a journey of self-discovery, taking what he likes starting with his younger sister. This is an epic tale of the internal struggle between good and evil.

Charlie was adopted as a baby by a wealthy family. They raise him as his son, alongside two beautiful daughters. For his sister's eighteenth birthday, a group of kids end up in a fairground where gipsy reads their fortune.

From the next day, strange things start to happen without Charlie realising it. Soon he finds out that he could read minds, but his deep moral values prevent Charlie from becoming a monster.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Will charlie manage to wield his power without becoming corrupt himself?

This book contains strong language and a graphic description of consensual sex between adults.