Sally falls in love with her kidnapper, a soldier with PTSD who took her to a farm in Montana. The two learn about each other, and their relationship evolves. While the manhunt continues, deep conflicting emotions arise, and secrets get revealed. Carter is forced to deal with his feelings, caught in a bizarre love triangle with Sally's fiance and her lover.

When bandits come to hurt his women, Carter loses his mind and goes on a bloody rampage, destroying everything in his path to protect those he loves. All Carter ever cared about was honour and duty, serving his country, leaving his mark as a hero. All he ever dreamed of was having a family, finding love, living on his land until he lost all, including his mind. Desperate, he packed his stuff, kidnapped a girl that reminded him of a soldier he loved and took her into vast grassland to begin their life. Scared to death, collared and chained, Sally feared the monster but loved the man until the world turned upside down again.

This book is an action-packed psychological thriller telling a love story of a mentally damaged honourable man trying to find happiness by any means. Two very different people are put in an impossible, intense position, forced to understand each other and deal with their own misconceptions and prejudice. Together they built a family with a pack of grey wolves in the endless grassland of Montana.

This book contains strong language and a graphic description of consensual sex between adults.