In writing this book, I wanted to create a quintessential bad guy, a violent psychopath who couldn’t feel or experience emotions, unable to care about anything or anyone. I wanted to create a character without a shred of humanity who kills people indiscriminately for his own pleasure or some perceived greater purpose as a baseline against which all evil is measured.

My research led me to a very dark rabbit hole, Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy, to name a few often quoted in the movies. Little did I know, there is a long, long list of serial killers in the United States alone on Wikipedia, not to mention all the Jack the Rippers, warlords and the rest of the world’s maniacs.

The history of humans is the history of violence, death, murder, suffering and rape. Today we live in a comfortable rose-tinted bubble, eating our hamburgers and watching YouTube, choosing our pronouns and discovering new genders. We turn a blind eye to anything that displeases us, preferring to pretend none of the ugliness happens, reading the summaries to condemn the atrocities without stopping for a moment to truly understand the sickness and depravity of what really happens.

This story attempts to pull the curtains and show the raw, terrible detail behind the evil. Even though this is dark, twisted fiction, such things and worse happen today. We know it but have conditioned ourselves not to think of it unless rubbed in our faces. The majority of missing girls are never found. What do you think really happens to them? They’re still searching for Maddie after over a decade. We say, “poor girl,” and think about something else. Our minds are conditioned that way. Popular culture has romanticised serial killers. Just look at Dexter on Showtime. He doesn’t seem so bad, dealing brutal justice to all the baddies. This isn’t how reality works. What about wars and rampant soldiers? Is what happens in war truly justified? Do we actually know the details of what happens? If we did, would we have the same opinion?

All of it could be some stomach-churning stuff. Just think of Hitler and the experiments he’s done. I personally met and talked with the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp. We all know the story, but a few can even imagine the gruesome detail of how those people died, and for what? I realised that nothing anyone could imagine in their words nightmares, including Freddie Krueger and all slasher movies combined, could even come close to what has already been done by at least someone. Take Vlad the Impaler, for example.

I spent some time researching monsters for my other books and stories to create the ultimate evil character without redeeming features to set the baseline. Recently, I came across a short video on youtube that gives a veiled glimpse of what is out there today. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/FDNs8xnRGrU

Why do I do this? Because nobody else does. Everyone seems to be consumed with romanticising the villains these days, and this is my attempt to bring it closer to reality, even as this is complete fiction and none of it is real. This book is as raw as it gets, taking the violence and gore to the next level. There is plenty of sex in the story, but all from the context of violence, almost as a side effect or another way to cause someone pain.


This book is fiction. Similarities with any characters or events are purely accidental. The author doesn’t condone actions, thoughts, or views expressed in this book. The book is for adult entertainment only. Any perceived underlying ideas, philosophical or political, stem from the reader’s imagination only. This book is just a satirical fantasy touching on some serious issues, exaggerating them to absurdity and criticising the result.