Behind the glass door

Bored rich sociopath develops an obsession with a girl he accidentally met on a train from London. He uses all his power and money to destroy the young student's life so she would become his willing sex slave. This is a tale of sex, violence and obsession.

Hidden behind a mask of smiles of an English gentleman is a dangerous sociopath. Liam's disdain for life, the world and the people in it leads him on a journey to America to intentionally ruin a young girl's life. On his way, he comes across people he manipulates or extorts into terrible situations while posing as their saviour and friend. Liam knows what he does is wrong, and he is okay with it. He just doesn't care. His utter contempt for life combined with brainwashing infects other people so they too will spread his poison to others. He wants to see the world burn for his own amusement.

This book contains strong language, graphic descriptions of sex between adults, prostitution, drug use and psychological powerplay.