Another Life

This is a coming-of-age love story of a young man with autism and a penchant for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism, struggling with loss and a debilitating mental illness, trying to make sense of the world and connect with people.

This book presents a profoundly cynical view of the world, sometimes humorous, other times depressive, passive-aggressive, dry, dark and condescending. It is a story of a young man dealing with a terrible tragedy after suffering a complete mental breakdown resulting in a severe case of PTSD. He gravitates to and attracts similarly broken people who use sex and BDSM to experience a pleasure. With their help, the young man sets out to create a new world by destroying the one that prevented him from killing himself.

This is a dark, cynical tale of love and devotion, full of sex and complete disregard for morality. It shows a total disrespect for the norms of society, replacing them with arbitrary rules resulting from the imagination of a broken mind, hell-bent on chaos, disorder and mayhem in pursuit of love.